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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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bullied on facebook because of her looks. >> the things that she was saying about my child, she's not a monster, she's not -- she's not fake. she's real. she is here. first at 4, breaking news in virginia. the pair of robbers known as the back hat bandits have struck again. >> these surveillance pictures just into our newsroom this afternoon, and this time investigators could have a crucial clue to finding this pair. >> let's go to news4's pat collins live at the wells fargo in falls church. pat? >> reporter: this is a crime scene like i've never seen before. all that ice and snow we've had worked to the advantage of investigators trying to track down the black hat bank robbers. take a look at this scene behind the wells fargo bank in falls church. you'll see footprints marked
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with fluorescent paint and inside the paint they have a chemical to take an impression of the footprints. it appears after the bank robbers committed the robbery, they ran across this area here and left footprints in the ice and in the snow. investigators went to a nearby restaurant took the boxes from the restaurant boxes used to ship frito-lay potato ships but used the boxes to preserve the footprints until csi techs could get here to work the scene. there are a number of foot prints here. it's unclear as to how many of the foot prints they're going to process here in the rear of the wells fargo bank. let's take another look at the surveillance video of the black hat bank robbers we got today. this is their eighth bank robbery since january, two in maryland six in virginia. they did this like the others
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walked in the bank about 12:40 in the afternoon, guns drawn, told everybody to get on the floor, got their money and off they went through a little stand of trees, out over the snow-covered little field, then into a getaway car. a silver getaway car and down to west broad street where they continued their escape. coming up at 5:00 i have an interview with one of the eyewitnesses. he saw the robbers coming out of the bank. he said they had bags of money in their handle. that's coming up at 5:00. >> dramatic day. pat collins, thank you. she was last seen alive a year ago this week. >> now d.c. leaders are discussing whether they could have prevented a 9-year-old's disappearance. last year relisha rudd was seen on surveillance video with a janitor janitor. >> she was never seen again. tisha thompson has an update. >> a news conference just started with mayor muriel bowser on the ongoing investigation
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into the girl's disappearance. since she went missing a year ago this week the district has been trying to figure out if certain policies could have prevented her disappearance. je expect an update from the mayor on possible changes today. a government investigation last year said she hadn't been seen at her elementary school an entire month before she disappear. a janitor at d.c. general who was the primary suspect also posed as her doctor and lied to city officials saying she was sick. darcy spencer is at the news conference and will have governments on news 4 at 5:00. at the live desk tisha thompson. new search warrant documents obtained by news4 reveal a state department official thought he was communicating with a 14-year-old girl before he was arrested last week daniel rosen. the counterterrorism director is charged with online solicitation of a child. court documents detail the online conversation between rosen and an undercover fairfax
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county detective. they began talking in november and continued until last tuesday when police showed up as rosen's d.c. home. coming up in an hour julie carey explains how the first contact was made. caught in the act. arlington police say they have arrested a man suspected of breaking into more than 50 cars. police tell us plain clothes officers caught antoine kennedy trying to break into cars in a parking garage on wilson boulevard. they took him into custody early saturday morning during a sting operation. we're working the story, talking to people who parked in those garages. we'll update you as we get more information. what a day for the weather. right now there is a lot less ice on cars all over the metro area but this morning another story, the sound of chipping could be heard miles away. commuters peeled off thick layers of ice from their windshields. unsalted sidewalks were a
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challenge, like ice rinks. >> today may not be the only day this week we see school delays and kantscancellations. veronica johnson, is there an end to this? >> the cancellations, delays back in the forecast. we're just so tired of this right? it's been an annoying winter. give us snow but not the freezing rain. for tomorrow winter weather advisory starts early, 9:00 a.m. continues throughout the day until 10:00 p.m. for pretty much the entire viewing area and that is because we have the threat of not just freezing rain back in the forecast but some light snow some sleet as well. we'll talk more about the timing of that system and the impact on the evening rush and roads coming up. but for this evening, our temperatures shot way up into the mid-40s. look at this 7:00 35 degrees. we'll drop to the upper 20s, cold yes. icy refreeze. behind me this is a snapshot of tomorrow. this system has it moves in will be providing not just the freezing rain and sleet to some
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portions of this area but all the way to the north into pennsylvania. we'll talk about this system, the one that follows that could bring some heavy rain or snow all coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks veronica. first at 4, new cell phone video has surfaced showing another angle of a deadly encounter between los angeles police and a homeless man. police shot and killed the man on skid row yesterday. police say he grabbed for an officer's gun. video taken by witnesses with cell phones shows him on the ground surrounded by federal officers. the lapd says the man was a suspect in a robbery and they first tried using a stun gun but they say it didn't have any effect. police say at least one of the officers was wearing a body camera at the time. right now we're digging for more details about arrests in two breach security incidents at the white house. this morning a construction worker tried to walk onto the grounds as someone was walking out through a gate. he got into an altercation with the secret service uniformed officer who confronted him, and
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the canadian man is charged now with unlawful entry after jumping over the bike racks outside the white house fence perimeter. that was last night. she has served maryland for decades but president obama says senator barbara mikulski's legacy will span for generations. the praise has been pouring in all day today from all over the country. senator mikulski announced this morning she would not seek a sixth term. she is the longest serving member a woman member in the history of congress. she joined the senate in 1987 after ten years in the house. >> i want the people of maryland to know there's nothing about me in this announcement. there's no health problem. i'm not frustrated with the senate. senate will always be what the senate is. >> chris gordon talked to senator mikulski shortly after that big announcement today. we'll have his one-on-one interview coming up tonight at 5:00. news4 was first to report that d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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had decided to name a new fire chief, and today she made it official. mark segraves broke the story on twitter and has more on the new nominee to take over the embattled department. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser told reporters her staff has spent the last four months conducting a nationwide search to find a leader for the fire department to bring about the change needed to keep up with the growing demands of the nation's capital. >> today i'm pleased to announce that leader gregory dean the next fire chief for the district of columbia. yes. >> reporter: gregory dean spent more than 40 years at the seattle fire department and the last ten years as chief. he knows d.c. is facing problems. >> i understand that we have vehicles. i understand there's a staffing shortage. i understand we have some ems challenges. >> reporter: dean repaid $197,500 a year he starts on may 1st. he'll need to be confirmed by
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the d.c. council. in the district mark segraves news4. and we will hear from the new chief about the changes he wants to make and what he plans to do on day one to hire more firefighters. that's coming up on news4 at 5:00. may hear some loud noises in the sky over the next couple nights. up next why you should yux just ignore them. and federal inspectors taking a closer look at bus and rail. and horrible things said on facebook about a toddler with a rare
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some loud noises could wake you and your family up over the next few nights. the north american aerospace defense command is conducting training flights that will take place above washington and the potomac river starting at
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midnight until 2:00 a.m. the goal is to test and train personnel and to sharpen norad's intercept and identification operations. the trainings last until wednesday. now to a somber anniversary today. the air force marked the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war with a wreath laying and b 52 flyover on the national mall. 50 years ago today lieutenant colonel haden lockhart was shot down. he became the first air force prisoner of war in vietnam. today also marks the beginning of a three-year bombing campaign in vietnam called operation rolling thunder. updating a story we've been following here on news4, fairfax county's effort to preserve dozens of historic properties. the county is working on a resident curator program where an individual or group would live in and maintain properties for a specified amount of time. now, the curator would not have a mortgage and the county gets the properties fixed up. fairfax has hired a work group leader to assess which
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properties should be included and they will consider qualifications for the curator and how to select them. the group is expected to begin its work late thermo. keeping you safe on metro. what's being done to make sure the agency is safe and secure every time you take the train. and did you laugh or did you find it offensive, the latest on that "saturday night live" skit that still has twitter buzzing today.
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today inspectors are examining the trains you take to work. federal transit administration is kicking off a full analysis of how safe metro is. they will be inspecting buses as well as trains. news4's megan mcgrath explains what all of this means for you and your safety. >> reporter: the inspections get under way today and are expected to take a couple of months wrapping up sometime in may. the federal transit administration is going to be taking a look at how metro operates its trains and buses and they'll be assessing the strengths and weaknesses of safety procedures. this is not in response to the smoke emergency at the l'enphant plaza station, but they will be looking at what happened there and what can be learned from that situation. we've been talking to irelands this morning and they think the inspections are a good idea. would you feel like it's safe? >> i do most of the time. i feel like the intelligence
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community, everything watches it fairly closely so i think it's safe. >> reporter: but inspections are a good idea. >> absolutely. we should always be looking to make things better and make things safer. yeah, a great idea. >> i think it's probably good. it doesn't seem like metro has a handle on what's going on. >> reporter: inspectors will be looking at bus and rail and they say that the inspections will not impact service. in dupont circle megan mcgrath news4. the future of the purple line will be debated in just a couple of hours and you're invited to attend the meeting. the purple line forum begins at 7:00 tonight at the afi theater in silver spring. the proposed light rail system would connect montgomery and prince george's counties and there would be 21 stops from bethesda to new karolton. the maryland public policy institute is hosting the debate. here's a welcome sight for drivers in northern virginia. crews in the city of fairfax filling in potholes along chain bridge road.
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this is near the fairfax county courthouse. crews no doubt taking advantage of the break in the weather to patch up a few craters that are causing some pretty big headaches for drivers all over the region. the cold snap has also been tough on our region's aging water mains. the wssc says it repaired 426 broken pipes during the month of february alone. that's second only to the february 2007 record for broken water mains at 479. usually the monthly average for water main breaks in february is about 132. while many kids cheer at a snow day, staying home another day could mean a longer school year. the snow ice, and cold over the past few months has many school systems nearly maxing out their allotted days. we've compiled a list on today. search snow days to see where your area stands. good news for dozens of families that are struggling to pay their heating bills in fairfax county. the charity our daily bread has hit its $15,000 goal to provide
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them assistance. for the first time the group tried a crowd funding site to raise donations. when we checked last more than $15,800 had been donated. so veronica how much more of this stuff, the snow and ice are we going to get this time? >> all week long i'm sorry to say. this is going to be a rough couple days for us as we go from one type-event to another. tomorrow chance of sleet, freezing rain light snow then we go into something else we'll have to deal with heavy rain midweek as we warm up. if you're going out this evening, night out on the town here's what you can expect. cold conditions yes, temperatures starting to plummet and we'll see anything that melted today refreeze. so keep that in mind on sidewalks and of course side roads. temperatures today again low to mid-40s. look at this. still hanging on low 40s in frederick, maryland, 43 in manassas 48 close to 50 degrees stafford and fredericksburg. we'll start to see the temperatures drop off from cool to not bad for the evening, but
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as we get past 9:00 it gets colder. those temperatures drop. that means we'll see more icy spots showing up as we drop below freezing. now, on the radar there's nothing showing up. of course we've had a sunny day today, but take a look at future weather. i put the temperatures up for you so you can see the impact they'll have on the weather we get tomorrow. it's all starting after about lunchtime. there will be spotty arias showing up some moisture amount around the area i think mainly north of d.c. that will be mainly in the form of sleet and freezing rain. even a bit of a light snow starting to mix in at times. any rain mainly to the south and east. maryland's eastern shore. 32 gaithersburg frederick, maryland at 32. this is during the afternoon and evening rush tomorrow at 5:00. so we're not in any way looking at the event we had on sunday taking place tomorrow but there will be some patches we veal to deal with on area roads manly north of here that will get pretty icy. later in the newscast i'll show you what roads i think are going
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to be impacted. tomorrow 20s to start, 30 degrees by 9:00 a.m. around freezing at 11:00 a.m. the potential for snow and ice and some area roads by the afternoon and evening rush tomorrow. unlike today, temperatures tomorrow are going to stay in the mid-30s across the area. and that means an icy impact moderate on some area roads by the evening. mainly north of d.c. again, we'll zoom to those roads in just a few minutes. now your storm team four-day forecast. from 36 tomorrow again, more of the up and down continues, the highs and lows for their temperatures bouncing all over the place this week. wednesday right now we're mild at 52. good in a way because all this could have been snow but right now it is looking like a lot of rain on wednesday. and that could present some issues of its own for some of us around the area. as we get cold again on thursday back to snow. i'll show you how much rain and
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snow we could have for the midpart of this week. this wintry weather will be coming back to haunt us during the heat of summer. an improvement project at lake fairfax's water line is struggling to stay on schedule. the facility is expanding and adding new features like a tot spray pad, a slide tower and an interactive play structure. there will also be new restrooms and improvements to the pool deck. officials are hoping the project can be completed by august. taking a shot at isis. it's the "snl" sketch that has a lot of you sharing and debating with your friends. we get hollywood's reaction coming up. plus, a new low in the world of cyber bullying that has one mother standing up for her baby.
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it's been the talk of social media since it aired two days ago. the "saturday night live" skit poking fun at isis. >> some say it went too far, they found it offensive. here's another look. >> you be careful, okay? >> dad, it's just isis. >> take care of her. >> death to america.
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>> the twitterverse erupted. billy bush what are you hearing and how is hollywood reacting to all this? >> well i mean people are all over the place across the, you know landscape of television. a lot of the morning people this morning think it's funny if you look at the chronology of the day. a lot of the morning shows anchors on all of the big morning shows were a little, you know taken aback for a second. by the time you got to daytime there was a little more hey, isis deserves to be mocked. that's what's happening. mockery of isis. and then you've got people like howie mandel and howard stern with whom we spoke to. we've got them on the show tonight talking about it. they seem to be obviously, as comedians, a lot more relaxed about it. they're thinking everybody's a little too uptight and that's what we should be doing. the regular folks on twitter it's half and half. taryn killam who plays the
4:27 pm
father there, and that was the takeoff of the toyota super bowl commercial where dad is saying good-bye to his daughter as she aeds off to the arm, he says "proud of this. thanks to the writers," not to be mentioned by name. this is what "snl" does and maybe they've been a little more politically correct as of late but they used to do this all the time. maybe they are at their best when they are most provocative. >> all right. >> not the first time they've done it. chris rock hosted back in november and it was an isis sketch then too. >> how about the host dakota johnson? how did she do overall? >> she was very nervous and i thought she did a nice job in all the skilts. the monologue was -- you know, you could tell she was very worried about, that but her mom was in the audience. remember mom was also on the red carpet with her at the oscars and said she wouldn't see her movie "50 shades." this time mom was fully
4:28 pm
supportive. she was tweeting like crazy, she killed it wow, beautiful job, and of course she saw it. >> and dad was there too. >> no reports on whether don saw "50," but more of a reason not to. >> billy, thanks so much. see you tonight 7:30. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington and he's responding to the controversy over his address to a meeting of congress. for the second time in a week, a house explodes in new jersey. this time the home owner was inside.
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this will be one of few quiet evenings we have this week without much going on, but we'll see the refreeze taking place. temperatures today got up into the 40s and by 6:00 upper 30s falling to around freezing by 8:00 to 9:00 so, we'll watch for those icy patches. same thing in the morning. do i think there will be any delays? there could be a handful but only a few tomorrow. from cold to yes, cold for the afternoon. the temperature is only a few degrees above freezing at 35 with welt roads with wet roads. moving into the area and heavy rain for wednesday. we'll talk about the flood potential for wednesday and how much snow for thursday. one hour from now the senate is expected to take the first step in this week's battle to keep the department of homeland security from running out of money friday night. senate democrats are expected to vote against negotiations to combine the funding bills that both chambers have pass ld. senate version funds dhs through
4:32 pm
september, no strings attached. the house version curtails president obama's executive actions related to immigration. nbc news has learned democrats may be planning to invoke an old rule that could force the house to vote on a so-called clean version of the funding bill with only a simple majority needed to pass it. tomorrow israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to warn congress that the agreement with iran on nuclear weapons threatens israel's survival. but secretary of state john kerry has a warning for him. news4's steve handelsman is tracking this story from capitol hill. >> reporter: chaired by american jewish leaders in washington israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned israel's survival threatened. >> we must not let that happen. >> reporter: iran said nettian hue, would build a nuclear weapon to use on israel. >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there's still time
4:33 pm
to avert them. >> reporter: the white house tried reassurance. >> the united states of america will not allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon period. >> reporter: but john mccain warned iran will cheat. >> -- organization continues to say iran is not cooperating. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry's negotiating with iranians today in switzerland, warning netanyahu not to interfere. >> doing so would make it more difficult to reach the goal that israel and others say they share. >> reporter: back in d.c. netanyahu has no plan to see president obama. their relationship was already strained when running for re-election, the israeli prime minister asked gop congressional leaders to speak without warning the white house. 48% of americans opposed that in the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. netanyahu said no disrespect intended to president obama. >> our alliance is sound. our friendship is strong. >> reporter: but his speech
4:34 pm
tomorrow may sound like a fight among friends. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. capitol hill. fist at 4, iraqi forces say they've already found and defused 100 hidden bombs as they launched their first major offensive against isis militants. and this is a key battle to watch. the iraqi army is trying to retake the city of tikrit. it is a sunni muslim city that has been held by isis for months now. thousands of iraqi ground troops are involved. they are supported from the air by iraqi fighter jets. what's really remarkable is the campaign also includes 12 shiite militias. the outcome of this offensive could chart the course for the even more difficult battle to reclaim the city of mosul. twitter co-founder jack dorsey's had no comment about the alleged isis death threat against him and his employees, but company officials say they're working with law
4:35 pm
enforcement to find out if the threat is real. buzz feed first reported the threat last night posted on an anonymous online site based in portland -- in poland, rather. "the post" calls for isis followers to kill twitter employees because the company frequently blocks the terror group's social media accounts. prince william is getting high marks for his diplomatic visit to china. he's representing his grandmother, queen elizabeth. his father prince charles, has never been to china, and he has angered beijing by hosting the dalai lama who's seen as a separatist threat. the prince's visit includes efforts to promote the british brand in china. a man in new jersey is being treated for burns over half his body after his house exploded while he was inside. he says he woke up at 2:00 a.m. to smell gas. when he went to the bathroom and turned on the light, the house
4:36 pm
erupted into flames. the house was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived. he is expected to survive. it was the second home explosion from a gas leak in new jersey in less than a week. a few days ago an explosion injured 15 people. her family calls it bullying. a picture of a toddler with a rare genetic disorder is making the rounds on social media. with some hateful comments attached. how others are showing their support for the little girl and her family. and some big changes coming to your costco credit card. our consumer team is asking the questions you want answered. as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance to get $200 back when you upgrade to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. hurry call now it's your last chance. this offer ends march twenty-first.
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marriott's headquarters are currently on the 10000 block of fernwood road in bethesda but the company's ceo is looking to move. the company feels the current location is not metroaccessable enough for its workforce. a county executive says it will do everything it can to keep marriott in its backyard. derrick ward will reveal some of those plans tonight on news 4 at 5:00. well big changes coming to costco at least when it comes to how you pay. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us to explain what this is all about. erika? >> after everybody that's there on the weekends for their slices of pizza and their shopping this is big news. if you want to charge it you'll have to use visa at least when it comes to shopg at costco.
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starting next april, next april, american express is out, visa is in. a few weeks ago we found out amex and the warehouse club couldn't reach an agreement for a new deal. visa will take that spot. but it's not the only company in on the deal. citi will be the exclusive issuer of the code brand costco card. the card is the only credit payment accepted at costco. costco says it provide more information in the coming weeks about how customers can transition to that new card. speaking of silti, the bank is one of several companies that let you check your credit card free of charge. discover capital one already offer free cred score access for their customers. some citibank customers with can see their fico score online at no cost one time each month. every consumer has the right to get their annual credit report once a year. for that visit you can take a look and make sure that it is accurate.
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now, coming up tonight at 5:00 this is a fun one, could you go 21 days without using any type of plastic, all cash? two local women take our challenge. it's based on the financial columnist michelle singletary's book "the 21-day financial fast." we'll have their stories and stick around far facebook chat with singletary right after our story airs coming up at 5:00. see you then. >> thanks erika. if you need some help knowing your value, there's an event coming to washington that could help you out. mika bierrzezinski is launching a tour to help women advocate for themselves at home and at work. today she announced a challenge that women can enter. >> so i want you to put into words why you have value, why you deserve a bonus, upload that video on our website, and you might be one of three women chosen in each city to face off on stage.
4:42 pm
but we're not going to leave you alone on stage. we're going to have you first work for a couple of weeks with a team of know your value coaches. >> this is going to be an exciting tour. the winner could earn a bonus of $10,000. the "know your value tour" will be here in d.c. may 15th. there's more information on search "know your value." an american ebola survivor headed back to west africa and a texas nurse who contracted the virus while treating a patient in the u.s. is suing the hospital where she worked. a study uncovering surprising statistics about high school dating violence. and storm team 4 tracking more winter weather heading our way. >> it will be keeping us on our toes the next couple days.
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the american nurse who recovered from ebola and national institutes of health in maryland is filing a lawsuit aim at the texas where she was infected. nina pham says her former employer in dallas violated her policy and did not train her policy. as nbc's erica edwards reports, this suit comes as another
4:46 pm
american survivor from ebola is getting ready to head back to liberia. >> reporter: dallas nurse nina pham is suing the parent company of texas health presbyterian hospital where she treated the first patient to be diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. pham allegeses her privacy was violate when she, too, became an ebola patient and she said is hospital failed by leaving its staff ill prepared to treat the deadly virus. >> she had received absolutely no training on how to care for a patient with ebola. none. >> reporter: texas health resources released a statement responding to news of the lawsuit reading in part "we continue to support and wish the best for her, and we remain optimistic that constructive dialogue can resolve this matter." meanwhile meanwhile, another american ebola survivor nancy wright bole is heading back to liberia this month with her husband david. >> it's a privilege and honor to be able to help. >> reporter: she's leave beg hind bags of this liquid gold. it's her plasma donated for
4:47 pm
research at emory research hospital in atlanta. nancy is presumed to be immune to ebola. the theory is that antibodies in the plasma of ebola survivors could help treat others. >> we hope that the patients who have survived now have neutralizing antibodies those that are capable of neutralizing the virus. >> reporter: emory will study and bank nancy's plasma where it may be used for future patients. erica edwards, nbc news. >> so, veronica, we've really got a mixed weather bag. >> this will be a week where folks need to stay weather ready. download our nbc washington app. we've got a week with a lilt bit of everything from freezing rain tomorrow i think it will be impactful, yes, but nothing like what we're going to get on wednesday as well as wednesday night and thursday. follow me to the weather wall. some ice on the poetomac there. a little left. days mar an a day or so with temperatures in the 40s. 44 at reagan national with the windchill at 36.
4:48 pm
but, yeah still some sunshine across the area. now, this time tomorrow already there will be some freezing rain and sleet falling across the area. that start time around 1:00 to 2:00 tomorrow so during the afternoon. there will be some snow mixing in as well as some sleet. again, i see this as being light and rather scattered but still impactful on our area. what we've done here is made a map to show areas that will be impacted moderately and those that will be impacted the highest or moderate impact areas where there could be a light coating of ice, less than a tenth of an inch around leesburg arias around 66 as well as around the northern side of the beltway. your higher impact areas in the red. that's areas of 68 around 70 around 270, even up i-83 in baltimore. these are the locations that could have a tenth of an inch. really could get slippery late in the day around the afternoon rush with possible delays. that icy situation could hold as late as 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
4:49 pm
tomorrow. what else we've got moving in again, the heavy rain. there's a snapshot of early wednesday morning, but by wednesday afternoon we'll see some moderate even heavy rain start to move into our area. here's a look at wednesday at 10:00 p.m. meteorologist doug kammerer has more on the amount ls we're expecting and how this could impact the area and what comes next. >> yeah veronica. what we look at when we talk about areas of heavy rain is what's on the ground right now. that's all the snow and the ice that we've seen over the past couple weeks. it has stayed there and with this heavy rain coming in on wednesday night that could pose a problem for flooding as temperatures get into the upper 40s to low 50s on wednesday. we'll see some melting during the day. then we'll have that rain on top of that. we could see some flooding. then the rain changes to snow late wednesday into early thursday morning so we could have some problems with that as well. this is really a two-pronged system that's moving in here wednesday night into thursday. heavy rain, the potential is there for some flooding around parts of the area and, yes, we could be talking about accumulating snow. the latest on this storm coming up at about 5:15.
4:50 pm
that means again snow on the roads for early thursday morning. we might see some more delays cancellations here as we go from 52 to 35. and an up-and-down week. storm team 4 will be keeping you updated. this weekend, not bad. 45 48 degrees. don't forget yeah we spring forward come this weekend. we've got a lot more on the rain situation, the snow situation, all that on news 4 at 5:00. >> okay! >> our team is what? >> a story we brought you a few days ago. the effort to get cheerleading uniforms for the prince william county boys and girls club in manassas. the club has been collecting gently used clothing which a local thrift store is going to buy. but the weather has been so bad the club is extending its drive. for more "details," visit nbc washington and search boys and girls club. now to the heart-stopping midair save that has everybody talking. this video was just posted
4:51 pm
online. it shows christopher jones jumping out of a plane in australia in november. just 22 seconds into his fall he suffers a seizure. the skydiving instructor grabbed him. the two tumbled around thousands of feet in the air. this is incredible. finally the instructor was able to get jones' parachute string pulled. >> i wake um in the parachute. my thoughts when i regained consciousness of what were the steps to go through. relieved and also obviously amazed at the reception that it's gotten. >> amazingly he landed on his feet. he regained consciousness just in time. at the time jones was in training to be a skydiving instructor. he says after his midair seizure he doesn't plan to make any more jumps. how much do you know about your teenager's love life? a new study reveals alarming rates of abuse in high school relationships. one in five teen girls say they've experienced dating violence just over the past
4:52 pm
year. that's according to the centers for disease control. about 8% say the violence was sexual. for boys one in ten reported dating violence. the cdc found teen who is experienced violence were more likely to use drugs and alcohol. in news4 your health today, pediatricians say they're getting a lot of requests from parents to delay their children's vaccinations. there are fears of autism. according to a new study in the "journal of pediatrics," most doctors are willing to space out or delay vaccinations for kids under 2 year old. but most say this could put them at risk. how well you do on a treadmill could predict your life expectancy. that's according to a new study out of johns hopkins university. they're coming up with a formula now called the fit treadmill score. it takes into account how much energy your body uses up and peak heart rate during intense
4:53 pm
exercise. people who had the lowest scores in the study had a 38% risk of dying over the next decade. those are with the highest scores only had a 2% risk. a 2-year-old with a rare genetic disorder ridiculed because of the way she looks. outrage from her family and how other facebook users are showing their support.
4:54 pm
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like any proud mother a woman posted birthday photos of her little girl's birthday party. >> but she was the victim of cyber bullying. >> but there is a silver lining to this heartbreaking story. >> this is bullying. >> reporter: kyra pringle knows the internet can be a terrible place. >> this is not right. >> reporter: but especially bad when it goes after her 2-year-old daughter. >> she's fought for her life because she got here. >> reporter: mariah anderson was born with chromosome two duplication syndrome, a rare disorder that impairs her learning and motor skills. >> she loves you. >> reporter: the 2-year-old's life expectancy is grim but that doesn't stop mariah from being the darling of the family. which is why kyra was horrified when she learned heffer daughter's photo became an internet joke gone viral. >> i never thought in a million years that i would be sitting here trying to give mariah's story like this because of the
4:57 pm
negative -- >> reporter: thousands sharing her daughter's birthday photo online. some photo shopping crude captions. others leaving down right rude comments. >> the smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you are comparing to a leprechaun or all these disgusting things like the things that you were saying about my child, she's not a monster, she's not -- she's not fake. she's real. she is here. >> if you're out there doing these things and you think that it's funny, it's not funny. >> reporter: a grandmother's plea to strangers looking for a cheap laugh. >> because this is an actual human being. this is a child. this is a baby. >> reporter: meanwhile, mariah's father just wants the virtual storm to pass. >> people going to do what they going to do, you know what i'm saying? really the only thing that's really bothering me is it's bothering my family. >> reporter: a family that knows the joke will eventually fade
4:58 pm
away and their time with mariah is all that matters. >> she's just a joy. it's a joy to have her and just you know right now it's just to the point where we're just enjoying her. >> now, here's the silver lining. many facebook users have shown an overwhelming outpouring of support for mariah by sharing her picture by sending words of encouragement and even changing their profile pictures to pay tribute to the family. her mother's response to this "i can't say thank you enough." right now at 5:00 winter is not done with us yet, folks. we've got another round of ice and snow on the way right now. >> new at 5:00 doug is working on the timing and the impact it will have in your neighborhood and at your schools. doug? yeah guys. we're watching that right now. today we have temperatures that got into the upper 40s in many locations and we'll continue to see that as we move on through the next couple hours to a nice afternoon today after all the ice we saw late last night. this is what we have going on right now across our area.
4:59 pm
winter weather advisory once again in effect. look who it includes. everybody in our viewing area southern maryland northern maryland portions of west virginia down towards most of northern virginia. now, here's the thing. i really don't think it's going to be all that bad. i want you to remember that. i don't think tomorrow will be all that bad. we'll talk much more about this coming up at about the 5:15 hour. but one thing to note this is what i'm watching for this to come in during the day tomorrow. the first storm on our tuesday will not be that big. it will be the wednesday, thursday storm that will have a much bigger impact on our area. here's the storm time line. snow and ice moving in around 1:00. some areas mostly to the north of the d.c. metro area will have the best chance to see that. then yes, as we said, a bigger storm wednesday and thursday. all of that for you coming up right around 5:15. >> thanks doug. fist at 5, two of the most dangerous and wanted robbers up and down the east coast strike again today. >> they're called the black hat bank robbers and they move with
5:00 pm
precision. but new tonight, detectives say they may have their best clue yet. >> investigators are tracing footsteps left outside the wells fargo bank on west broad street in falls church today. pat collins live there at the scene. pat, these robbers escaped through the snow today. >> reporter: indeed but they left a mark behind them jim. the black hat bandits wear masks on their faces, glovrps on their hands. could bit a telltale footprint that leads to their capture? bank job number eight for the black hat bandits. today's target this wells fargo bank in falls church. their faces covered. their guns drawn. they came in into the bank orlandoered everyone to the floor, then started collecting the loot. somebody ran to the jiffy lube next door and asked will to call the cops. he picks up the story from there. >> he said hey, anyone has a


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